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About The Buddy Program, About Me Pages and Social Media Bios | Podcast Recap

This post is an episode recap from our Blogging Buddies Podcast, Series 2
This entry is part of 2 in the series Media Recaps

This week, Vicky and Lee talk you through how to create an about me page on you blog and how to create a better Bio on each Social Media account you have for your Blog.


Part 1: About The Buddy Program

Total: 11 minutes | From 0:00 – 10:30


What the Buddy Program Is & the Benefits of having A Blog Buddy (Like You, Aw!)
In the opening first 8 minutes of the podcast.

At the beginning of this episode Lee want’s to express where we are at with the Buddy Program, the original idea behind everything that we do here, and for our Blogging Buddies Communities. The core of it, is this Buddy Program for Bloggers.

Which has greatly impacted Vicky and I since we connected (here’s our story) about six months ago now as the original “blog buddies”.

We do support each other on a very regular basis as someone to talk “blogging” with. As well as read, support, and share your blog content with. It’s so great to have someone to share this with because, blogging doesn’t have to be solo anymore.

Vicky talks about how it feels when you don’t have someone to read, someone to comment. And it feels almost “selfish” to dedicate to something like a blog, without someone to share with. Let alone keeping motivated to continue week after week.

It means more when you have someone to support you, who is also dedicated to blogging. Who understands.

Another point is that it’s more “fun” to blog when you have someone to collaborate with. You can combine skills, and influence each other to start new things. Especially if you can feed off each other like we have, learning from each other and combining our skills.


How You Can Join the Program & What to Expect from the Progression, from 8-11 minutes

I explain how you can get involved in the Buddy Program, a little bit about how we pair bloggers. The purpose. And the progress through our program.

Read More | Buddy Program Guide, Rules & Sign Up




Part 2: All About… About Pages!

Total: 11 minutes | From 10:30 – 21:00

Discussing About Pages for Your Blog, from 11-20 minutes

Shouldn’t it be easy to write a little about yourself for your readers? Maybe not. We’re very complex humans, each one of us has our own lives. So what’s important to put include in your blog’s About Me page?

✔ A little about what you are currently involved with in your life and how it relates to your blog content

✔ What or who affects or influences your writing

✔ Answer the questions they might want to know as a brand new reader

✔ Things like locations, ages, and names of children/pets/partners that they may hear mentioned in the blog


For example, I talk about my own About Me page on Loving Life With Lee and why it’s structured by “role” to match my different blog categories. Additionally, I have have a few other examples of what to include in several different blog niches. Obviously the nature of what to include in your About page may be very different than any one else’s about page.

Ultimately, define the purpose of the blog. Why you are blogging about it. And about the beings mentioned within the blog, highlighting the blog author. YOU!

Vicky has a few more suggestions such as including likable pictures of you, your family, pets, or environment. A splash of branding or any explanation of the name or logo (if needed).

Or maybe even have someone read it… “Does this sound like me? Does it sound like my blog?”


Does your husband/wife read your blog?
Leave us a comment below!



Part 3: What to Include in Your Facebook (and Linkedin), Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest Bios

Total: 22 minutes | From 21:00 – 43:45


We discuss Facebook Page About Sections from 21-25:30 minutes

I’ll admit, no surprise but I’m a bit more comfortable with writing an about page, versus bios. Can you guess why?

Anyways, we start with Facebook because it allows a bit more space and you can include a bit more on your Facebook Page’s About Section than the others. What Vicky like’s about Facebook is that it breaks it up quite nicely depending on what kind of Facebook page you choose to create (blog, business, public figure, or brand page for example, all have different About section fields).

I do suggest that you at least open your Linked In account and fill out the entire profile there. It’s not important to update regularly as a blogger. But it’s about your work history, your projects, your interests and skills. And this profile in the long run, may become very important to your blogging career.

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Invitation | Join Our Blogging Buddies Facebook Group 


What to Include In your Instagram & Twitter Bio, from 25:30 to 30 minutes

Vicky has seen a huge difference in her bios now that she has included something that will make you smile about herself (cheesy! but effective!) As well who you are, what you will be sharing on that account specifically and something to make them chuckle!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any cheese in my bios right now. But Vicky makes a good suggestion I’m definitely going to include soon! Oh, the benefits of a good Blog Buddy 💙

The biggest take away from this comes from Vicky’s main point which is take the structure that everyone says works. A bit about you, a little about what you will share on the account, and something to make them smile. But you don’t have to stress about it, and copy each other because what works for her won’t work for you.

Just be yourself, make your new readers/followers smile and feel good about following your account. That’s your goal when writing your blog’s bios.

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The Importance of Including a CTA and How Often to Update Your Bios, from 30 – 32 minutes

You don’t have to update your bio regularly, but you should update your call to action to whatever is most relevant to your readers to do next. Especially with Instagram, since you can’t add links within posts (unless you have more than 10k, jeez!)


Include the Same Emojis In your Posts and Your Bio and Enhance Your Blog’s Brand, from 32 – 36 minutes

We both have some great tips for this in this podcast. What we do for our own accounts, and how you can even use emojis on desktop! Now that they are being used for marketing, I really feel a good connection with the use of emojis!


Do you use emojis in your bios, posts, or pages?
Leave us a comment below!


A Bit About What to Write for Your Pinterest Bios, from 36:30 – to Closing Comments

There’s some basic tips about hashtags and the importance of defining what your Pinterest Boards and Profile contains. This is because Pinterest SEO (compared to the other social media platforms mentioned) is extremely important.

We have several posts now about Pinterest that you can learn from.

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The Blogging Buddies Podcast Duo
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