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Finding Your Blogging Voice | Weekly Roundup

Finding Your Own Writing Voice | BIS S2 W5
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What a great week we had, talking about finding your blog writing voice. Between the amazing post by Kate, our 2 Hour Twitter Chat on Tuesday, and this week’s personal podcast episode. I’m feeling well refreshed that I we all have a unique writing style, a personal voice, and amazing purpose within our own blogs.

I wanted to take a moment to high light some of these and get a good overview of everything we all shared together this week. (I’ll try to do this more often!)




Isn’t it interesting how we can express ourselves so differently in writing?





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Podcast Recap of Episode 10!

The Blogging Buddies Podcast Duo
Your Blogging Buddies Podcast host is Vicky Phillips and her guest Lee Bowden!

If you have listened to any of our previous podcasts, then you’re probably getting to know us pretty well by now! So it’s suiting that big ol’ number 10, is indeed an emotional topic than others. After a quick glimpse into our lives, we jump into this week’s topic.

On this week’s podcast, Vicky and I get personal about how we found our own writing style and how it has changed over the years. For me I started young, as a journal writer. Vicky then shares why she decided to write her blog, and discovered a calling to write about mindfulness.

As the episode unfolds, we begin to touch on how we feel about our written blogging voice and what others may think about it. Which leads us to more personal discovery about why it is uncomfortable to share your voice in writing, with people you know in love in your life.

It’s a heavy topic for us bloggers to talk about and the feelings attached to our writing, ultimately our blogging voice, and our family are sometimes at odds.


Why is that? Why does it matter to you? 

Listen to the episode to hear what we think.


We’d definitely be interested to hear from you in the comments if you have anything more you’d like to add about this. Additionally, don’t forget we have open blogging forums here too!


Go to this topic’s forum: Finding Your Blogging Voice


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