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Setting Your Blog Goals This Year In 4 Easy Steps | in Blog Development | by Blog Buddy Program
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Setting Your Blog Goals This Year In 4 Easy Steps

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Blog Improvement Series 2

We’re still in the early parts of the year. But I’m taking a guess that, with regards to setting your blog goals, you’re already hanging by a thread – if not completely detached already.

You know you set those blog goals with the best of intentions. But when it comes to actually executing them and taking action to achieve them? It seems as if everything -- every single freaking thing -- in your life is working together to keep you from following through.

Look, I totally get it. I’ve been there too. Heck, I’ve been there more than a couple of times at this point.

Which is why I spend most of my free time and waking hours wrapping my head around this goal-setting problem that a lot of us bloggers seem to share. And I’ve got it down into 4 steps you can easily follow:


Figure Out Your Why

Now I know this seems a bit woo-woo. But stick with me here for a minute.

Why do you want to achieve the blog goals you set for yourself?

Because it’s what others set for their blog as well? Or maybe because it is a good number to achieve?

I mean, sure, maybe it’ll get you motivated in the first few days. But often times, goals set on such reasons don’t last long. Motivation to achieving your goals need to be able to last longer than the first few days or months – it has to last until you have achieved those goals.

That’s why you need to set meaningful blog goals.

There has to be something bigger than your goals to motivate you. And that’s going to be the foundation of your ‘why’.

Perhaps you’re set on reaching 1000 followers on Instagram. Why? What’s it for? Maybe it’s to generate income directly from the platform. Maybe it’s to direct people to your blog. But having the goal of 1000 followers just because you want to reach that number? It’s good – but not enough to keep you going.

Here’s the way I see it:

The more meaningful the goal, the more motivated you are to achieve it.

So when you’re setting new blog goals to achieve, ask yourself: Why do I want to achieve this goal?

Turn Your Blog Goals into Smaller, More Achievable Ones

Gosh, I’ve written a few goal-setting posts at this point. I’ve thought about this on public transport and even at night when I’m supposed to go to sleep or study for an exam.

And what I found – and always go back to – is this one simple advice. Turn your big, ambitious goals into smaller, more achievable ones. It is the most practical and most effective way of achieving your blog goals. I love it and I fully vouch for it. And because I love it, I even have this quite delicious analogy that I often use whenever I talk about goal-setting in my blog:

See, your Big Goal is one ginormous triple-layer buttercream cake. It’s delectable. It makes you salivate. But you can’t just open your mouth and gobble it all up in one go. I mean, you could try… but boy, will your jaw have cramps afterwards.

Instead, cut them into small neat slices. You can just concentrate on that one slice that’s on your plate and gradually work your way into every layer. Until you’ve eaten the entire cake. - How to Set & Achieve the Big Goals from All the Big Goals from All the Trinkets

Look, having ambitious goals is okay! It isn’t selfish or being too optimistic. It’s another way of having an abundance mindset. (Which we’ll talk further below.) But having all that sweetness into your pot can become too much. We need to balance things out with earthy spices that will keep the dish grounded. That spices, in this case, is a sprinkle of realism and planning.

Know that you can’t just throw out your goals into the ether and hope for the best. You have to put in a good amount of work and effort, too. And turning those big, ambitious goals into smaller, more achievable ones is smart work.

This is the short story about how a messy mama got her life organized with the help of Trello. A how-to book about using the Trello App to Set Goals and Get Organized!

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Create accountability

There’s no denying that most of us get to work when there are expectations involved.

Now, there are two kinds of accountability – internal and external. Internal accountability is you. Reminding yourself to work on your goals is effective to certain people. External accountability, on the other hand, means you’re getting it from your surroundings. You’re trying to meet outer expectations. I find that external accountability is incredibly effective to most people. Why do you think apps like Trello or Habitica is so popular? Because they can provide external accountability through their online and team features.

(Side note: Blog Buddy Program has a public Trello board where you can give suggestions, among other things. Check it out!)

Have the right mindset

Setting up a meaningful goal and having a goal-setting strategy may not be enough if you don’t have the right mindset.

Remember that, often times, the only person standing between you and your goals is Remember that, often times, the only person standing between you and your goals is you. Maybe you have self-limiting beliefs or a scarcity mindset. These aren’t “only in your head.” They have high influence on your performance and motivation too!

Mindset is an important intangible asset to your blog – and to your life, in general. Much like your blog’s brand, you don’t necessarily see it but it can influence the growth of your blog and you as a blogger.

You can start improving your mindset through meditation and practicing gratitude. Even simply adding positive affirmations into your routine is helpful!

What are your blog goals for 2019? Are there other goal-setting tips that worked for you that I haven’t mentioned? Share them below!

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how to set your blog goals in 2019 in four easy steps

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