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The very point of the Blog Buddy Program is to work with one other blogger for a month to share, talk about, motivate and inspire. Any Buddy System ever has the motto of, “Two heads are better than one”.

This is that opportunity to get in with someone you don’t know and learn something. The opportunity also, to share your skills and resources with someone who needs it. Both of these things FEEL SO GOOD! To feel like your not alone.



“Blog Buddy Program FAQ”


Do you mean I have to comment on EVERY POST on their entire blog?

A: No, the minimum expectation would be every new post your buddy creates moving forward through the month. (1-3 posts a week unless you get that one crazy blogger who posts every day, I’m sure they can work out a limit for you. Let’s be reasonable. Communicate what you’d like and what kind of time you have to spend and when. )
I don't want to share content that I'm not interested in, do I have to share their stuff?

A: We try to pair bloggers within the same niche. So if you’re in fashion, you’ll be with someone also in fashion. If you’re in a super small niche then, you know that and can trust that I’ll do my best to pair with someone as close as possible.
Social media is not my fav thing so I don't want to promise to do what I'm not into doing so... What of it now?

A: If you’re a blogger than your reaching an audience with some kind of social media or you wouldn’t be reading this on a Facebook Group. If you have yet to start then ask your buddy for some help and find inspiration from what they are doing on their own.  Dedicated effort on both ends is the beauty of this. And you’re talking about one. One other blogger. One. 1.
I got into blogging so that I can work for myself and by myself. I want to grow and learn but how will I find the time to do this for them? Why do I have to talk to my buddy? 

I think you can find time to share and RT some stuff because that’s what your asking of Every. Single. Reader. You. Have. (!) To. Do. 4. You.
If your a blogger who has yet to realize the opportunity of collaboration efforts with other bloggers, then you should sign up and get a glimpse of what being a blogger really means. It means working with other other people, communicating, and creating content that people want to read. Know your audience. Be where that audience is! (Hint, it’s with other bloggers… Mind blown!) 
It sounds weird but IDK how to communicate about blogging...

If thats because your new to blogging, then this is the BEST kind of opportunity for you to learn more about blogging from another blogger. You’ll be surprised how much help a simple comment, share, and thumbs up can do for another blogger. And that’s all that’s “required”. Just give it your best effort and go in with an open mind and an open heart. You’ll be surprised how awesome bloggers are. Welcome aboard.

If that’s because you’re an introvert. Cool, cuz you picked blogging as your hobby which means you can stay behind your computer screen the whole time. Stick to email or messenger and that’s TOTALLY acceptable. We’re bloggers for gosh sakes. 🙂 You already have something in common and that’s all you need to have in common in this program. Online “Blog Buddies” 🙂

If that’s you because it’s weird because you’ve been blogging for so long but have yet to branch out and collaborate with other bloggers yet. Then cool, now is your shot at talking blog to another blogger. Make some things happen. Partner up, sorry “buddy up” and it’s probably about time you learned something new about blogging anyways!



Newsletter/Subscribe FAQ


I'm interested in the series but I can't commit to the whole program right now... Can I just take the series independently?

Yea! It’s just an email subscription really. We send out our Series Emails on Monday. 
Do I start the series from week 1 or whatever week is going on?

Whatever week is going on in short. The first weeks started on Oct 29th, so whenever you join you will just join the series as it comes. If your part of our community, you’ll see as we got that it’s all integrated to follow the series theme week by week. So it makes sense that if (for example)  “the series is in week 8”, then you will get the week 8 email the day after you join the newsletter. 
I've noticed the Resources page requires a password so how do I get access to that by subscribing exactly?

Every email has our password within it. Yes, it will sometimes change. Only our newsletter subscribers get access to some of the hidden features founds within the depths of the web here at BBP… *mwahaha*
I've gotten some emails and it seems like you want me to email my buddy my answers in the series... you guys?

That is totally up to you. WE LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU. And we will ALWAYS respond to your email within 24 hours. To be honest, many of you make us feel like we’re your blog buddies. And honestly, that’s why we’re doing this, Buddies. So ya! Make our day. Respond with your feedback, questions, suggestions, and answers. We’ll be your buddy too 🙂 
I have some feedback specifically about the newsletter, series, or emails I've received. Who manages this?

Lee & Anne work on the newsletter. We all check the email and can respond, but we always mention who is corresponding within the email so you know who your talking to specifically. Any of us can answer your questions. But it’s Lee & Anne who have access to the newsletter software if you have a more serious issue or complaint. Please email us at for assistance within 24 hours. 




What do I do if I can't connect with my buddy? They aren't responsive and I really wanted a blog buddy!

We ask that you try multiple ways of contacting your buddy included but not limited to email, facebook message, Twitter direct message, or any other social media you may find them on by searching their blog URL included in your Buddy Assignment Email from us.

If you have not managed to connect after 1 week of your assignment email, then please respond to that email with the ways you have attempted to reach your buddy. In reply, we will send you the correct form link to use to get another buddy assigned within 3-7 days. As soon as we get a blogger that is a good match for you, you will be assigned a new buddy.

Why are you encouraging buddies to also subscribe for this series? Kinda confused.

Anyone can subscribe to our newsletter and be a part of our weekly series! The prompts each week are driven towards buddy pairs, but there’s no reason you couldn’t benefit from the exercises by yourself too! Anyone can join the newsletter/series. It’s geared to help blogging buddies to journey through blogging together. Enjoy!

What about the communities like Facebook and Pinterest, do I have to have a buddy to join these online groups?

Nope, same as the newsletter. There's a lot available to bloggers, outside of the blog buddy program pairing project and newsletter. Maybe the most beneficial part of these groups is the COMMUNITY of active members there!

Everyone is very closely connected. You begin to recognize each other on these platforms. And that's the beauty of all of this. Friendship and having blogging companions to share, motivate, and inspire each other.

When do sign ups open and close, and when do I get my buddy assignment?

At the end of each month, we pair new buddies all at once. With the exception of those who will be RE-assigned as soon as possible as mentioned above. It’s easiest to pair buddies when we have a lot of bloggers to pair at once. Everyone gets someone that is within their niche and has some similar interests. So if its the beginning of the month, then hang in there and enjoy the newsletter series. You can always share what you have done with your new buddy when assigned.

Vicky & Lee usually start pairing on a Friday at the end of the month and send out email assignments on Saturday and Sunday. That months sign ups close when all emails have been sent. And a new form for sign-ups will be added to the website all at once. Again, at the end of each month.

So I can sign up any time then?

Yep! It’s just a matter of checking your email at the end of the month and making sure to join our newsletter right away so you can get started in our program!

Can I add my blog info to this page as soon as I sign up or do I have to wait to be assigned a buddy?

That’s up to you! As soon as you sign up and join the newsletter, you are considered a member. And your information can be featured on this page by filling out this form.

You gals and your forms, why do I have to fill out a form with my info AGAIN?

Within the form, there is a disclaimer giving us permission to post and use your links on this page. It sounds silly, but we don’t want to pull information from your online presence if you DONT want us to. So you have the choice, thus yes. Another short form.

It has about 5 questions and it’s mostly just, “What are your URLs” so that we can copy and paste them on this page accurately. You can choose to not include or include whatever you’d like. In this way, it’s all up to you!



So now that I've answered some of these, I have a few questions for you to answer.😊 Any and all suggestions, questions, or critique is welcome.

What do you want out of this BBP?

If it was up to you and your idea, what would you do differently?

What's keeping you from signing up?


Leave us a comment or send us a private email to BlogBuddyProgram [@] and we'll take any advice we can get on improving BBP for you!

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