How to contribute to the Suggestion Board on Trello


You may have clicked on “How do I to submit questions for your podcast, twitter chats, and other” to get here but that’s because adding to the Suggestion Board is how you can contribute and submit any questions, suggestions, or requests to us.

On the board there is a list for every area that you might want to suggest, request, or contribute to. Since this board requires you to Join Our Trello Team, you are expected to read the instructions within our Welcome Board, and any other board you may contribute to as boards do and will change. There are board you may or may not be allowed to add or edit cards on.

Those who do not follow the rules are removed without question or mention. We clean the boards and remove members who have not followed the rules here, every Friday. If you feel you have been wrongly removed we encourage you to read this page again, check our Support Center and if you still do not know why you were removed then create a support ticket.

Once you follow the steps and instructions to join the Team on Trello, visit the Suggestion Board and follow these instructions:

screen shots here.