How to “copy” someone’s public board on Trello, to use it yourself

  1. Login to Trello
  2. If you don’t have Trello read this post and join our Team! 
  3. Go to the (Public) Board that you want to copy, such as our Website Development Board for Bloggers
  4. In the top right of the board, click “…Show Menu”
  5. Click “More”
  6. Then click on “Copy” (as shown in the image below)



Step 5


This is our Website Development for Bloggers board you can copy to use for your own blog website development planning!
To copy a board on Trello when you are logged in, click on the Show Menu and then “Copy Board”. You can then rename the board and choose where to copy it to.


Ironically enough, you can Join our Suggestion Board if you have features, ideas, or things you would like to contribute to in any way. Thanks! Can’t wait to work with you on Trello!

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