How to Join the Blogging Buddies Team on Trello (and avoid being removed from the Team)!

  1. Read this page completely
  2. Follow our Code of Conduct anytime you participate in our forums, comments/replies, communities, accounts, or teams (including Trello)
  3. Click here to sign up for Trello / And Join the Blogging Buddies Trello Team!
  4. Go to Our Welcome Board & “watch it”
  5. If you are a member/guest then you will be able to comment on the “Team Introductions” Card
  6. Our boards and members are cleaned out every Friday. If you have not followed ALL of the above instructions you will be removed from the Team and Team Boards


1. Click here to Join our Blogging Buddies Trello Team

If you do not have a Trello account, create one (for free) and log in. If you already have a Trello account, login and then click the link above.


2. Click here to visit the Welcome Board and click Watch (image 1 featured below)



3. To avoid getting removed from the Team, read this board thoroughly and then comment on the “Team Introductions” card, following those instructions (image 2 featured below)



What It Means To Be A Member of the Trello Team

As a member you can add comments and add or edit cards of Team Boards. If you break our Code of Conduct, or Rules Listed on indivudal Boards (all boards have different rules and guidelines in the first list), you will be removed from the Team on Trello. Although this does not mean you will be moved or deleted from membership, or other communities. Just Trello!

In other words, Use Trello Responsibly

Consider being part of this Team and responsibility to participate. In return you are provided the opportunity to view exclusive, detailed, and educational Trello boards for bloggers! This Team is NOT a free “privilege”. It’s an invitation to help us make a difference in the blogging community and our membership programs. 


Other reasons you will want to join our team:

Interactive Community Boards to encourage learning and collective collaboration. Exclusive research and resource sharing boards. As well as our Membership Guest Post Board for our members who have reached Rank 2!

Note that we will not invite  you to Private boards until  you have the appropriate membership rank, badge, or achievements. Refer to the website for more information about how to access certain areas and features. If you can’t find an answer it’s because we are still developing these features or are not currently in use. Our “center” pages and this Knowledge Base is the best place to find support, information, and how-tos.



Ironically enough, you can Join our Suggestion Board if you have features, ideas, or things you would like to contribute to in any way. Thanks! Can’t wait to work with you on Trello!

To see other content related to Trello, check this out: #TrelloTips(6)

If you need assistance or would like to report a team member, please create a support ticket. If you would like to discuss something or have a question please refer to the Support Forum here:

By participating in our Discussion Forums or any form of viewing, sharing, commenting, replying or otherwise, you are agreeing to our Code of Conduct. You will be held responsible for your words, actions, and influences. If you see a member breaking our Code of Conduct, please Submit A Ticket here or flag the content.

This forum can cover an array of topics that you may need support assistance with regarding being a member of one of our online communities, teams, events or activities that you may have heard about.  So, anything with the Featured Heading Image for Blogging Buddies, can be discussed here. If you have questions or issues with the website, membership, or the buddy program please review the Support Center for FAQs and our Knowledge Base first. Many of your questions can be be found resolved or answered by using Search Bar. If you have a suggestion for Blogging Buddies we would prefer if you instead used our Suggestion Board on Trello (start here). But if you do not wish to bother with Trello then this is the next best place to make Suggestions and Requests. We then will take information from the forum topic and process it within our workflows and get back to you. Although this may take some time depending on the request.

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