How to Join a Twitter Chat & How to Answer Twitter Chat Questions

Chat Questions are scheduled events that take place at a specific start and end time. To join a Twitter Chat just visit and refresh the Twitter Chat Host Profile for the questions. The benefit of joining a Twitter Chat is exposure, and getting to know other Tweeters. Gaining new followers, and having fun interacting with others. Much of the time the chat leads a mini-discussion threads that could lead into a more meaningful conversation. Twitter questions are usually scheduled in advance, and come in at a certain interval (every 2 mins, 5 mins, 10 mins). This allows users to gain new perspectives by reading all the answers (by clicking on the ##chathashtag involved)! As well as the creative process of quickly answering the questions yourself!


This is very much an instant gratification kind of event, so it’s a lot of fun! And the chance to network so often in this social way, it’s very rewarding as well.

Let’s give you more details about Twitter Chats.



How to answer a twitter chat question:

Retweet (RT) the question and add your answer to the comments (include the Answer number that corresponds with the question number) and add the chat’s hashtag. 

OR start a new tweet, write your answer and include the #BlogBuddyChat (or whatever chat hashtag is being used to deliver the questions to you) and the answer number.


How to follow a twitter chat’s discussion and grow the conversation:

You can click on the Twitter Chat’s Hashtag to see the questions and answers of everyone else involved!!!

Reply Tip: It is wise to number your answers so that when tweeters view the chat’s hashtag (and the complete discussion going on) that you can follow along with the replies.

Live Example

Host Question:

User Answer: