How We Utilize Twitter Lists & Tweetdeck For Supporting Our Blogging Buddies!

Twitter lists are a great way to get to know your followers, as well as accounts that you want to follow closely! Using Tweetdeck to focus in on those lists is a strong way to get to know your Twitter audience personally. Networking on Twitter as a blogger is not hard if you have a little time to spend talking and supporting other bloggers on Twitter using Tweetdeck.

Additionally, we run a Facebook Group! Every day we run “Train Threads”. These posts are themed, and users can then comment within a themed response. For example, every Tuesday we have a Twitter Train!

We post on our Blogging Buddies Facebook Group and our Twitter account, an image and thread rules on each post (daily). To participate in the Train you simply to leave our Twitter Link and visit and follower other commenters! (Every day we post a different kind of train!)

Beginners Tip: Leave your full URL Twitter link (not just your @ handle) and come back in a few hours and follow everyone at all once. If you do this regularly you can gain a new audience quickly, and it spreads like wildfire if you make a habit of logging into Twitter, click on your followers and following back any Twitter accounts that are interesting or related to you and your blog.


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Let’s take this up a notch!

Our Twitter Lists of the Blog Buddy Program, including Blogging Buddies!
Click to open the Blogging Buddies Twitter List in a new window to Subscribe!

Create Useful Twitter Lists (regularly)

You can make any number of Twitter Lists, and you choose whether it is public or private. If it is a public list, users will be notified when they are added to a list. A private list is not shown to anyone, nor are users notified in any way.)


Here are some ideas for useful Twitter lists:

  • Interesting people that you like
  • Supportive accounts
  • Famous Role Models or Inspiring Professionals
  • Leaders in your industry or niche
  • Accounts that you wish to learn from regularly
  • Accounts that you want to “be like” or gain inspiration from
  • Brands or businesses that you want to work for


Aaaaaaand, let’s level this all the way up! 



A look at our Blog Buddy Program Tweetdeck, showing our Blogging Buddies Twitter Lists

Use Tweetdeck to Manage Your Twitter Lists… and so much more!

Tweetdeck is actually by Twitter, so as you can imagine it’s integrated and made just for Twitter!

Here are some of the things you can do with Tweetdeck:

  • Schedule Tweets
  • View Tweets from accounts on your Twitter Lists (as seen above!)
  • View Mentions, Notifications, & Likes
  • Manage your Direct Messages, Retweets, and Trends
  • Create custom columns for specific users, hashtags (also seen above for #BlogBuddyChat )
  • The options are endless!

Note: This is only available on desktop, and you must be logged in to Twitter to use it!


Wow, what a great way to get personal with your Twitter followers! 



How We Use The Twitter List of Blogging Buddies from our Facebook Group & our Official Blog Buddy Members!

Every day we run those Train Threads I mentioned, and Tuesday is when all of our Facebook Group members can list their Twitter account! A Twitter Lead then adds all Twitter accounts listed on the thread to the Blogging Buddies Twitter list!

Now we have a list that we can watch closely, to further support our Group Members.

The same is true for our Official Members, once our member has updated their profile with their Twitter account, we then add them to the Official Blog Buddy Members list on Twitter!


These are the ONLY ways that you might be added to our list. (Of course, anyone can remove themselves from a public list.)


Here’s the final piece to this though!

You can “subscribe” to lists, and you can easily follow everyone from a public list quickly!


You can add any list you have created or subscribed to, to your Tweetdeck! This means that you too can follow the Blogging Buddies list on your own! Furthering your networking, and ability to befriend our members personally. 


We encourage all of our members to follow everyone else on either of these lists to further support and connect with each other!


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