The Difference Between Achievements & Badges || Explanation

In our Gamification System, we allow members to earn special achievements, and badges. These are a tad different (just like the coins versus tokens), they operate in different ways once gained.


Having A Member Badge

There are several badges that members can earn and to better understand this, let’s think about a real badge. One of a Police Officer or War Badges. These are honorable titles that a person has achieved for doing or joining a specific purpose or duty of service. You also have special permissions, responsibilities, and ultimately power!

Some Badges are much easier to acquire than others. Some give a fairly decent amount of permissions here at the Blog Buddy Program!

Some of the badges do have known requirements, and others will only be acquired naturally as you progress through the program. Becoming a special surprise of your new found powers! (And responsibilities.)


Having A Personal Achievement Awards

I think that sums it up saying “personal achievement” really. These are your personal blog actions, tasks, or projects within (and sometimes outside) the Blog Buddy Program. Many times they do not unlock any new features or benefits. But, being as they are more niche specific, and there are loads of achievements you can get! It’s a great way to be able to display your Blogging Success Story!


Official Blog Buddy Badges Permissions

Contact a team member if you have an issue or request for badges. At times we reserve the right to not reveal requirements for badges or achievements. If you believe you have acquired one of these rewards please message Buddy! He’ll take care of you!


Official Blog Buddy Achievement Documents

There are a few Achievements that actually come with a Professional Printout that is worthy of recognition in resumes, Linked In, or other such important portfolios. For now please refer to the achievement’s info page for specific details.

Coming soon – Achievement Documents Request Details