How to Easily Earn Coins

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There are a number of ways to earn coins and they all have to do with what you personally, are accomplishing here at the Blog Buddy Program. Here is a list of all the “triggers” that can earn you coins. Note that some actions have limits per day, week, or month to limit member-self-spamming the system.

Other ways you can earn coins are going to be manually awarded by a Creator. There may be activities found in forums, special challenges, or other “flash earn” opportunities as well.

The best way to earn coins? Log in, check your messages, make some friends, and keep your own profile updated with relevant, fresh content.

If you do, then you will have no trouble saving up your coins to purchase new Ranks, Courses, and more!


All The Ways You Can Easily Earn Coins

Full Coin Reward Triggers List


5 – new profile activity
1 – new friendships
10 – new to-do item
10 – attend an event
10 – vote in a member-only poll (note that not all polls will trigger coins)


10 for daily visit (once per day)
10 for daily login (once per day)

5 – new comment (up to 3 comments award posts per post, no limit today tho, so they can comment multiple times on different things and redeem up to 15 points per post)
3 – commenting on/in profile (limit to 10x a day)

1 – add activity to favs (10 times a day)
1 – send a private message (limit to 30x a day)
1 – sending a gift (limit to 10 a day)
1 new support ticket
10 – new discussion forum (5 per day)
5 – new discussion topic (10 per day)
1 – add new topic as a favorite (10 per day)


10 new post (for creatives)
10 new page (for creatives)
5 new event (for creatives)
5 new kb article (for creatives)

10 new activity listing (for ranked members) – once per day
10 new question (pro members) – once a day
10 new answer (ranked or pro members) – 10 a day

10 new course (for instructors)
1 new lesson (for instructors)
5 new quiz (for instructors)


You can get 1 daily point for visiting nearly any post or page

But you only gain 1 coin per unique link click ever.

From then on, you gain the coin when a page/post is fully loaded.

1 – daily site visit/view to pages (once per day per page)
1 – clicking on link (once per unique url ever)


5 – updating PROFILE avatar (total)
5 – updating PROFILE header (total)


Members can add new groups. But to minimize this, it will cost 500 points to create a group. This will make it so that brand new members cannot randomly and sporadically create groups. Those who spend some time here, and have a good idea of what’s going on and available here. Can choose to spend their points and create groups.

A Creative Member will reach out and invite them to OUR GROUPS MOD GROUP and introduce them to HOW TO and RULES (coming soon).
(Will be activated in January until then Groups will remain free for us to create)

1 – upload group avatar (total)
5 – upload group cover (x1 a mo)
5 – new group topic (10x a day)
5 – new group forum discussion (10x a day)
5 – joining new group (no limit)
5 – per group comment (x10 a day)
10 – new project

10 group creation when reaches 5 members


How many coins are possible to make a day?
There’s about 300 coins a day that you can earn, not including the triggers that are “unlimited” or that may be influenced by role. Meaning, any member at any level can reach about 300 coins a day by maxing out the above daily activities. Will you earn that much every day? No. Because you simply won’t max every option out in every stay. You won’t always send 30 private messages to someone every single day.

So if you can earn about 300 a day, then the most you can make in 30 is about 9,000.

But don’t forget about the Unlimited Coin triggers too! Some days you may be able to earn upwards of 500 if you’re being REALLY proactive!


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