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The Purpose of Having A Blog Twitter Account + 10 Tips to Up Your Twitter Game

The Purpose Of Having A Blog Twitter Account | What is the purpose of having a Twitter account for your blog? Well, put simply your Blog Twitter Account can increase your following, personalize you and your blog's brand, allowing you to connect with the blogging community as well as your readers! Hopefully, some background information on Twitter and a few great Twitter blogging tips will give you a nice boost of encouragement to continue using Twitter for your blog. | #blogbuddyp Blog Buddy Program #bloggingtips #twittertips

What is the purpose of having a Twitter account for your blog? Well, put simply your Blog Twitter Account can increase your following, personalize you, and allow you to connect with the blogging community as well as your readers! For those of you new to having a Blog Twitter Account, after reading this post we hope you’ll be more inclined and comfortable reaching out and using this microblogging service called Twitter. Or maybe you’ve been using Twitter for a while but are still at a lost of what the point of Twitter for your blog is? Hopefully, some background information on Twitter and a few great Twitter blogging tips will give you a nice boost of encouragement to continue using Twitter for your blog.


This is a post from a mini-series on the purpose of having social media accounts for your blog! The goal of this series is to help discover the purpose of each social media account for your blog and how to choose which are best for your blog to start with. Posts in the series will cover in more detail Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.
  1. Introduction: Answering 10 Questions to Help You Discover the Purpose of Your Blog’s Social Media Accounts
  2. The Purpose of Having A Blog Twitter Account | You are here!
  3. The Purpose of A Pinterest Business Account for Your Blog
  4. The Purpose of Instagram For Your Blog’s Brand
  5. Summary: My Best Advice for Giving A Purpose to Each Blog Social Media Account




What is Twitter?

Have you ever read the Twitter Wiki? It’s fascinating, truly, how powerful of a human connection and networking tool this has become for EVERYONE on the planet. The POWER of just a little more than 250 characters (just a few words at a time) can carry when it relates to MILLIONS of other users every second! This networking platform is used for news, personal details, and quick communication in the masses.

This microblogging services and social media platform of Twitter allows users to “tweet” or post a message of just 280 characters at a time. Tweets are allowed to use links, text, emojis, to upload horizontal pictures and short videos. According to The Statistics Portal, there are more than 300 Million active users on Twitter.

With a complex history the uses of Twitter in the masses, with the combination of Twitter Hashtags, our online experience has been shaped by the network of users that can be found on Twitter. today.


How do people use Twitter?

Users who are using a personal account (not a blog, business, company or salesman) uses their Twitter account to follow anyone they know or have interest in. Not only businesses, but celebrities, news figures, and artists everywhere have Twitter. Again, with 260 characters at a time, who doesn’t mind having a small opinion about everything.

What’s so shocking is what can be done with only 260 characters at a time between billions of users. Entire conversations, rebellions, terrorist movements, and paradigm shifts have occurred because of Twitter. With a mass amount of users who can instantly interact. This fast-paced news sharing network has the news from every topic you can possibly think of.

Coming from our previous post about Facebook, Twitter is a breeze! Profiles, posts, and pics are all short and sweet. Think small passages and sticky notes. Think little birdy brings a message in a song. This social media account is all about the small stuff.

Therefore Tweeting multiple times a day is very common. Conversations are mostly public on this platform with the exception of Direct Messages you can send to users. There’s not a lot you can do other than share short sentences and small horizontal pictures, and now short videos. There aren’t any complex groups or things to join. Although, there are Twitter hashtags…

Communicating with Hashtags On Twitter

This is what really set Twitter apart from the very beginning. With no complex features tangling up tweets, they began allowing users to categorize their tweets by using hashtag titles. They then linked all other tweets that use the same hashtag together. At first, they didn’t know what would happen when millions of users start using the same hashtag. As you can imagine, it’s 2019 and we pretty much have a way to openly communicate with the masses for every live event, for every product, every business, every person, place, and thing. Has a username and hashtag, and the connection this has brought to the human race is undeniably brilliant.

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Finding Community on Twitter

Now that you know that every person, place, and thing has a Twitter, you are safe to assume you can find any kind of person, place or thing too.

Searching for users and hashtags is the way to go.

Unlike Facebook, this social account has much wider reach. As I mentioned, celebrities, media figures, and spokespersons of all walks of life can be found here. Unlike Instagram, or even Pinterest, this social media account’s news stream is extremely chronological in it’s organization.

Things happen fast on Twitter!

It’s quick to reply, quick to notify. And opportunities, news, and opinions fly faster than you can say, “WOW That was fast!”

What’s great about this is that people are able to connect, easily network, reach and speak to others very rapidly and consistently. Considering you can be followed (or follow) anyone, Twiter is smart about what Tweets you see. But let’s be honest, you can see hundreds of tweets very quickly because of how short each Tweet is! Then you consider the free Twitter Tool (for desktop), Tweetdeck, and you can see thousands of tweets an hour.

Once you have found a few people you know or like, you’ve found them all. Everyone follows everyone else so quickly and so rapidly, that it is very easy to gain a following as a blogger on Twitter.

This is VERY true for the blogging community on Twitter because once you’ve found one blogger, you’ve found them all. Twitter quickly starts to show you every other user it believes is a blogger. There are literally hundreds of Twitter Accounts for Bloggers that offer link sharing “Trains” where users are encouraged to share (or re-tweet RT) a message and anyone who follows that rule, follows any other users who RTs. What this does is offer a way to single out other ACTIVE bloggers and you quickly gain a number of new bloggers to follow, and who follow you.

Twitter makes it so easy to get into and to use, that literally, anyone can use it. And anyone can succeed in using it! It’s not hard to do with such little room to screw it up. All you are encouraged to do: TWEET! 


Let’s just spit it out, and say that every blogger should have a Twitter account.

If you only do ONE account to start your journey with, choose Twitter. You’ll learn a lot about other bloggers by reading their posts. You’ll gain a following quickly by simply following other people daily. And you can meet and interact with anyone you want to! So it’s a great way to explore and learn from those you look up to. Do what they do, and you’re sure to see a massive boost to your confidence as a blogger, and the reward of knowing people saw, read and supports your content regularly.



For those of you who want to master Twitter for yourselves and your blog. Vicky has some tips for you on how to make use of your Blog Twitter Account.

Intro #bylee, I’ll now pass the post over to Vicky to tell you a bit about how you can get started with a Great Blog Twitter Account Today!


Written With Love by Lee Bowden

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10 Tips To Up Your Blog’s Twitter Game!


  1. Create a great personal profile

Your profile is the first thing people will look at to decide whether they want to follow you or not. They will not waste time scrolling through your tweets to see if you are interested or not. You have mere seconds to make a good impression.

Twitter profiles have two pictures in them; your profile picture and your banner. Try to make them personal to you, whilst reflecting on what you are about. Don’t use a logo in your profile picture. People want to see who they are going to be talking to; show them your face! You can use logos in your banner. Some people use the header from their blog and some people have a smaller version they use. Make sure it is clean and clear, and works on mobile, desktop AND tablet.

Under your pictures are a few words about you. You don’t have much space so use it wisely. Try to convey who you are and what you are about in as concise a way as possible. Think about who your target audience is and what they might relate to. Are you a parent, animal lover or tea addict? Try to avoid using hashtags as it looks spammy.

  1. Dedicate some time to being online

In order to get the most out of Twitter you are going to have to put in the effort. Set aside some time to spend on the platform, making sure it is realistic for you. Although it is better to try and get on there every day, you are better of dedicating an hour once a week than five minutes every evening. If you want to be ‘seen’ online every day but can’t guarantee it, use schedulers such as Buffer, Hootsuite, or Tweetdeck to pre-plan some of your tweets. I usually schedule tweets about my blog articles once a week, for every day. Then I can spend more time in the evenings actually interacting with people.

  1. Set yourself goals

This might sound a bit weird, but set yourself follower goals. Maybe look at getting 100 in the first month and take it from there. Whilst you can’t force people to follow you, it will give you the motivation to go onto twitter and spend some time talking to people. People will often follow you once you have exchanged a few tweets. There are also follow trains which you can take part in to grow your following. It’s not very organic but better than fake followers. Have a look for accounts that retweet if you use certain hashtags or run events. They will spread your tweets for you and make you more visible to others.

  1. Post about other things than your blog

People will get bored if all you do is promote your blog posts. You are a person with a life and people want to hear about it. Ask questions, make silly observations and be a human being! You can definitely still post the tweets about your blog posts, but intersperse them with other tweets which are more ‘casual’. These are the tweets you shouldn’t schedule, it’ll be obvious to others!

  1. Post at different times of the day

Don’t forget that Twitter is a world-wide platform. Your followers may come from all over the place. Try and schedule posts for all times of day and pop on at different times to chat to people. This will ensure followers don’t feel left out.

  1. Join chats

Many blog account will run Twitter chats. This is when everyone goes online at the same time and use a preset hashtag to have a conversation about a certain topic. Normally someone will lead the chat, asking questions to get the ball rolling. This is a great way of getting to know people and making new friends. Don’t be afraid to jump into a chat where you don’t know anyone. It’s unlikely you will be the only one in that situation.

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  1. Use hashtags

Although you could hashtag every single word in your tweet, people will not thank you for it! Hashtags are a whole blog post on their own, so I can’t go into the fine detail here. I will say though, have a look at what hashtags are trending and try to use them. Make sure your hashtag is appropriate to your tweet and try to avoid using long ones. As I mention previously, there will be certain ones which particular companies or blogs use. Get to know them and find out when is best to use them.

  1. Talk to other people (engage)

If you do nothing else on Twitter, TALK TO PEOPLE!! I literally cannot stress this enough. You will not get followers if people think you are impersonal, or worse, boring! If people tweet questions, answer them. If someone says something you can relate to – say so! Think of it as the first day at a new job or school. You have to be brave and put yourself out there. Make small talk with others and soon the conversation will be flowing. If you respond to their tweets, they will do the same for you. It’s not difficult.

  1. Use GIFs and polls

Twitter is always adding more and more little ‘features’ to make being on the platform fun. The current ones I like and use are gifs and polls. If you are thank someone for a tag, add a little gif. If you’re offloading – find the gif which reflects your mood. It will make you stand out when others are mindlessly scrolling.

Polls are quite fun ways of getting opinions too. It’s quick and easy as readers only have to click a button. Make it easy for people to interact with you. We are all a bit lazy and need things made as simple as possible.

  1. GO LIVE

This is possibly the scariest one! Twitter, like other platforms, now has the feature to go LIVE. It can be really daunting to put yourself out there on a live video, but believe me it does wonders! Your followers will enjoy seeing you ‘in real life’ as it were. They will be able to put your voice to your tweets and learn more about your personality. You will inevitably be more relatable. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend an hour on there! Just a few minutes to talk to people about your day, what you’re up to or what’s on your mind will be enough. If you enjoy it, you can do it regularly so followers know when they can see you. If you really hate it try not to rule it out altogether, just do it less frequently and for shorter times.



I’ll be honest with you; it took me a while to get into Twitter. I didn’t understand the point of it to begin with. Writing random little sentences and hoping someone would find them interesting? What? I couldn’t get my head around it at all!

Until one day it finally clicked – it’s all about putting yourself out there. Being brave and talking to people you don’t know. About bragging about all the hard you’ve done (just not in an annoying, spammy way). Most importantly, it’s about MAKING FRIENDS!


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What is the Purpose of a Blog Twitter Account?


How do YOU feel about the Twitter Blogging Community?! Comment below!

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