Have you ever wanted to see someone else blog? What their process is and how they go about doing certain aspects of blogging? Well, I thought screen capture videos of me blogging would be a unique way to connect to you guys. So I’ve started doing screen capture videos for our new Best Buddies Patreons!

To start with, I wanted to show you an example of one of the Screen Capture Video. This is a video of me blogging while editing the previous Website Development post I wrote here. This is recorded Live and in Real Time. I try to keep them between 5-20 minutes but include valuable blogging tips and hacks, and type notes to you while I capture whatever blogging task I might be recording for you!


So I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to do a video of me developing this website for the week in the series on Development. But I had been procrastinating on writing THAT VERY POST because I have been… too busy Developing… This… Website? Ironic, I know.

I do a lot in this 18 min screen capture (no sound but I type to you in a notepad) including draft, assign a keyword and title, add links, add add photos with html code using an image from our Google Drive. You can see many of the plugins listed in the Resource Library, at work within each post and page such as the Site Origin and Organize Series plugins you see in the video.


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Normally these Screen Captures I will share rather exclusively to our Best Buddies Feed on Patreon (view the first Tier, Access Pass for more info!)

If you like these and could benefit from seeing MY SCREEN AS I BLOG AND DEVELOP THIS VERY WEBSITE. Well, you can! And I really do want to share, help, and support you and your blog. If you can’t tell already?



Don’t forget you can come talk to myself, and our Creative Team in Discord RIGHT NOW! 

Actually, Best Buddies get special Roles and Permissions on Discord too… There’s quite a few more perks than just these screen captures including Reports, Analysis, or you could become a Contributor or Sponsor! 😉

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