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Get help & give help to fellow bloggers in the Blog Buddy Program! A committed blogging membership community for finding other blogging buddies and progressing through your blogging journey together! Offering a variety of activities from members, blogger events, blog collaboration opportunities, and online communities. Once registered you begin to progress through our gamified membership experience for bloggers as we help motivate and inspire you to continue your blog! Earn coins, progress through levels, and engage in friendship, discussion forums, and a consistent blog full of awesome blogging tips. 

Our content is mostly targeted for our 12 Week Blog Improvement Series, that we continue to recycle to match up with our Buddy Program. Each week we announce in our Newsletter the new weekly topic, with a resource-packed email and the social media accounts to back it up. We're confident you'll progress with us whether you are a blogging beginner or blogging professional!


Our Creative Story

You can read Part 1 of Our Story here. 

Our Creative Team of Bloggers started this blog together in September of 2018 with the Buddy Program Sign Ups in mind. In November, we decided to launch a complete membership website for bloggers, because of our passion and devotion to help other bloggers find friendship, and benefit from getting help from other bloggers, as well as GIVING help to other bloggers.

What started as a collab blog, a Google Form, and a Facebook Group became all of this... With a little help from my blogging friends... 

Membership Opened January 2019!

We are actively still building our website, reputation, following, and communities every day. Official Membership Registration

What's the Buddy Program?

Tired of blogging alone with no one who understand what you're doing, let alone why your doing it?

We pair bloggers by niche and start them on a journey of supporting each other. Simple requirements, easy sign ups.

A potential friend, partner, collaborator, and blog follower for life. Learn more about our Free Buddy Program. 

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